STPL supports two products- VEdA and Strategic Frontend. A brief idea on each product has been outlined below.

1. VEdA

VEdA is an absolute answer for learning through the online mode. Irrespective of being located anywhere in the world, VEdA offers interactive language lessons where teachers and students have the chance to communicate and practice together in a real time conversation.
The products offer interaction with the students during the tutoring/teaching sessions at different levels. STPL provides the following list of products to offer different services:

  • VEdA [Indian Tutors at STPL]
  • Web VEdA [Tutors worldwide]
  • Scheduler [For class and course scheduling]
  • VEdA Classroom [For a paperless class environment]
2. Strategic Frontend Business Efficiency Software

Strategic Frontend is a web 2.0 software application that aims at increasing the efficiency of a business by utilizing the established business theory principals. This web based software is divided into 16 applications. An advantage of Strategic Frontend is that it is Google Apps compliant.