Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

STPL is a leading organization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and the company is well known for doing major research and development in the field of artificial intelligence and in machine learning. The company has a pool of AI & ML programmers. We have developed remarkable capabilities to work in the following business domains-

  • Biometrics
  • Cyber Defense
  • Content Creation
  • Emotion Recognition
  • Image Recognition
  • Marketing Automation
  • Natural Language Generation
  • Speech Recognition
  • Machine Learning Platforms
  • Virtual Agents
  • Decision Management
  • AI Optimized Hardware
  • Deep Learning Platforms
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We are continuously involved in driving innovation and transforming businesses across different industries. With our expertise and advanced algorithms, we enable organizations to unlock the full potential of data and gain a competitive edge in the digital age.

Sometimes it looks that machine learning (ML) is a fantastic solution to many problems. The truth is that ML looks close to magic, and it can solve many issues or at least improve many situations. But AI is more important and successful if a business leader understands how to make a business work with machine learning and AI together.

Key Benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning –
  • Zero Risks
  • Digital Assistance
  • Automation
  • Smart Decision Making
  • Faster Decision-Making
  • Medical Applications
  • Pattern Identification
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Research and Data Analysis
  • Solving Complex Problems
  • Increased Business Efficiency
  • Handling multidimensional and high-variance data


  • STPL has AI and ML experience resources that help to provide a faster solution.
  • We have a world-class R&D lab to start any new scientific project or POC from scratch.
  • Fully capable to meet all levels of business requirements.
  • All projects are managed by highly experienced project managers.
  • All expertise in AI and ML.
  • World-class QA Lab for testing the developed applications.
  • STPL is a CMMI-3 company where you work with true process-oriented professionals.
  • R&D faster by tapping into our 10+ years of engineering expertise.