STPL Benefits

A highly significant facet contributing to the establishment of a business that has recently gained popularity is outsourcing. Recently, outsourcing has developed to the extent of outgrowing beyond being just a cost-cutting scheme.
In the highly competitive offshore IT Outsourcing business, India is running in the lead with respect to three major factors:

  • Massive amount of skilled human resource
  • First rate service being offered
  • Supportive Government policies
STPL serves clients worldwide. The beneficial aspects of STPL are as follows:
  • Exceptionally talented IT professionals
  • Flexible engagement forms
  • The proficiency in technology is quite strong
  • Communication is faultless
  • Round the clock availability irrespective of varying time zones
  • Economical pricing
  • Delivery is always made on the exact date and time
  • Up-to-date IT infrastructure

After completion of a project at STPL, the clients hold absolute ownership of all intellectual property rights and software source code.