Business Domains

STPL covers 7 Business Domains in particular. Each Business Domain is enlisted below with a brief description.

  • Education: STPL education software development services, incorporates the most excellent IT solutions to improve the proficiency and functionality of the education system.
  • Finance: STPL being the leading offshore development consultation service offers premium quality resourceful banking technology and solutions at low cost to compete in today's finance market.
  • Health care: STPL, healthcare software development services, assists healthcare service providers to meet the requirements of the Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Insurance Portability by building tailored software system/platform.
  • Insurance: STPL’s personalized solutions and technical fineness boosts the business processes and performances of the Insurance industry.
  • IT Services: With the usage of quality offshore adaptable software development framework, STPL delivers affordable, on-time, highly responsive and efficient business applications.
  • Real Estate: STPL builds real estate websites that prove to be exceedingly victorious in expanding the business of our clients.
  • Social Network: STPL delivers custom-made social networking websites and applications designed to meet the precise needs of our client's business.