Angular Js Development

JavaScript-based, Angular is one of the finest frameworks for front-end web applications development. This framework is an important part of the MEAN stack. Usually, we write Angular but because it is a JavaScript-based framework and hence we write it as AngularJS.

When we think about security, AngularJS is very secure for any application development. This is the finest JS for MVC and MVVM Architecture. Also, two-way data binding makes it a perfect choice for programmers and customers.

STPL is known for developing all kinds of applications using AngularJS and the company had adopted this framework in the early stage of its development. Currently, we are using 17.0.2 and also have vast experience working with its lower versions as well.

Key Benefits
  • AngularJS is supported by Google.
  • It makes Optimal Web Application Management easy.
  • It helps to improve design and architecture.
  • Rich with plug and play components
  • Faster development and saves time.
  • Angular allows controls to the programmers.
  • STPL is using Angular for a long time.
  • Engineers at STPL are proficient with the various version of AngularJS.
  • Fully capable to meet all levels of business requirements.
  • Development takes place under a well-defined process.
  • All projects are managed by highly experienced project managers.
  • Committed, innovative, and highly motivated team.