CI Technology

CI systems automatically merge code changes from various developers and teams into a shared repository, allowing for multiple contributors to collaborate on a project without conflicts. CI tools often include automated testing procedures. After integration, the codebase is automatically tested, ensuring that new changes do not break existing functionality.

Key Benefits
  • CI systems can quickly detect and report bugs.
  • CI ensures that the application can be built consistently across different environments.
  • Developers receive rapid feedback about their code changes.
  • CI encourages collaboration between team members.
  • CI tools are usually integrated with version control systems such as Git.
  • STPL believes not in one-time projects, we believe in establishing a long-term partnership.
  • STPL provides quality, cost-effectiveness in the products developed by them.
  • STPL believes in robust security measures to protect data and systems from cyber threats.
  • STPL has a committed and highly motivated team.