Our Approach

With so many software development companies available in the service market, only the best ones can survive and make it to the top. It is no wonder that we have spent years trying to develop the right approach, and to craft the perfect strategy to run our business. And today, after a decade of surviving tough competition and thriving in the industry, we are certain that our approach is a major contributing factor to our success.

At STPL, we believe in minimizing losses by minimizing risks. We make it a point to keep the risk levels to a bare minimum, as far as remote service sourcing for our customers is concerned. This is because it is a well known fact that IT offshore projects have always been subject to several kinds of risks, ranging from incompetent knowledge acquisition and transfer, to the difficulties involved with deployment.

Therefore, STPL has chosen and invested in low risk areas to minimize the risks associated with outsourcing software needs. We neither recommend nor support the outsourcing of the entire Information Technology requirements of a business. Instead, we help our clients find suitable alternatives that will both avoid risks as well as meet their needs simultaneously.