It is no big secret that the software development business is the most populated on in the economy today. There are umpteen software development companies that have been established worldwide, and several more that are being incorporated every day. In such a fiercely competitive environment, why should a potential client choose STPL over other software developers? Here is why –

  • The Experience Factor - STPL has been around for over a decade. And over this period, we have learned from our peers, and from our past. With gradual chiseling and shaping up, we have now managed to operate effectively and efficiently. With so much experience, you can only get the best.
  • The Risk Mitigation - One of the greatest fears of outsourcing software needs is the potential risk involved. And as a software development company, we place our client’s interests before our own.
    1. Client retains the ownership of the code as we work for hire and we sign our contracts as per US laws.
    2. Having been in business for more than ten years ensures that we are for the long haul.
    3. Tailored CMMI based project management processes and iterative development approach ensures continuous visibility of the work in progress.
    4. Milestone based payments.
  • The Values - STPL believes in very simple, but specific values. To us, our customers, our employees, and our community are the priorities. And we make every decision only after taking into consideration what is best for all the three groups. And no, we do not compromise on our values, ever.

Therefore, STPL has chosen and invested in low risk areas to minimize the risks associated with outsourcing software needs. We neither recommend nor support the outsourcing of the entire Information Technology requirements of a business. Instead, we help our clients find suitable alternatives that will both avoid risks as well as meet their needs simultaneously.