Our Case Studies

Content Management System
First Car Rental (iOS App)

First Car Rental is a South African Car Rental Company that is taking a wholly South African brand onto the world market. First Car Rental has more than 6 000 vehicles in use in South Africa and has 45 car rental branches, including branches at all major South African airports, business and tourist destinations.

Content Management System Development

The Client had been developed their corporate website having its own Content Management System (CMS). Client being a distributor for Ektron wanted to redevelop/ restructure the application to be supported by Ektron.

Document Solution Company

Dochouse is developed in mambo, a widely used content management system. News an articles are managed through admin panel.

Salafi Somali

Salafisomali is developed in mambo, a widely used content management system. There is a facility to upload news, articles, audio and video files. Forums and News flash, banner management are the unique features of the applications. Donations are also accepted through Paypal.

Zanzibar Doors

Client application is developed in Joomla, a widely used content management system. Application is having a mini shopping cart. The special feature of the application is that it is copy protected. On Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0, it does not allow to copy & paste any contents of the site. It blocks copy and paste functionality.

River Mark Home

Rivermarkhome is developed on Mambo, a widely used content management system. Many addons are used to provide extra features viz blogs, classifieds, event management system, coupon system, message board/Forum, Gallery etc. Friendly admin panel is provided to handle the mentioned features.

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