CQ5 Web Content Management Company (WCM)

“Interactive, User-friendly and Economical WCM Solution”

STPL is a prominent enterprise Adobe CQ5 web content management system (WCM), which utilizes the latest technologies and open source standards to serve large organizations and enterprises.

STPL, Adobe CQ5 web services render dynamic, interactive, enterprise-level solution for organizations with varied and complex WCM demands.

STPL, Adobe CQ5 services has developed, managed and delivered numerous simple to complex CQ5 projects for clients from round the world. Our creative developers create websites or applications built on a potent CQ5 platform that generates productive results.

Key Features of CQ5 Web Services:
  • Users with no programming experience can use CQ5 easily and efficiently.
  • It allows business users to render, analyze and optimize the website content, and campaigns.
  • The drag and drop functionality with easy-to-access content library ensures that media assets are uploaded properly.
  • Only admin or author can change the information given on the webpage right from title tags, Meta information to paragraphs.
  • Developers can manage multi-lingual content, testing changes in real-time, real-time A/B, multi-variant tests, global brand messaging across local market etc.
  • It offers 24 X 7 operating platform.
  • It provides CMIS and JSR-283-compliant CRX platform.
  • Cloud hosted deployments are offered.
STPL, Adobe CQ5 web services offers both current and forthcoming CQ5 web services including:
  • Adobe CQ5 design.
  • CQ4 to CQ5 migration.
  • CQ5Custom component development.
  • CQ5 customization and implementation.
  • Audience targeting and Search engine optimization.

We believe in delivering powerful user-experience solutions with productive capabilities. STPL has been serving IT industry since 10 years and delivering customized quality solutions that work incredibly.