Embedded Testing

STPL’s software testing packages extends beyond ordinary software testing, to include testing and verification of embedded software solutions as well. Embedded software, also known in the market as built-in software, is specifically developed for a particular hardware component, a system, or a process.

Some of the services offered by the testing team at STPL, with respect to embedded software solutions include –
  • Detailed study of system architecture – In order to understand the requirements expected of the embedded software solution, our team of testing professionals make a thorough study of the system in which the embedded software is to be incorporated.
  • Use of multiple techniques – Embedded software can be tested by means of manual testing methods, or by employing automated systems. The advantage of using automated systems for testing is that a number of rigorous tests can be performed on the product, while the benefit of using manual testing techniques is that the tests can be tailor-made to suit the software. STPL’s embedded software testing methods involve a fine balance between the two.
  • Concurrent testing – Rather than waiting for the software product to be developed substantially before testing begins, we perform concurrent tests which begin very early in the development procedure. As a result, it is easy to eliminate problems in the product, and rectify any properties therein.