When it comes to implementing new and latest technologies, STPL, Apache Hadoop web service, is at the cutting edge of innovation. We have a deep understanding of the Hadoop along with inventive big data tools and technologies that helps us to render our clients, the high quality services.

STPL, Apache Hadoop web services, ensure to keep the confidentiality of all the information related to client’s projects. STPL, Apache Hadoop technology is highly reliable and economical.

Hadoop is an open source Java-based programming framework that allows the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment. The Apache Hadoop Technology is known for its scalability and availability. Hadoop is provided with numerous exciting and unique features listed below:

  • With Hadoop, open source software framework, one can add the new nodes without changing the data format.
  • It allows carrying out massively parallel computing to distributed computing environment. As a result, there occurs a considerable decrease in the cost per terabyte of storage.
  • Though Hadoop is a schema-less programming framework so it can absorb any kind of data, whether structured or not from a number of sources.
  • Whenever you miss or lose a node in the Hadoop system, it will take work to another data’s location.
  • Being a dynamic software platform, Hadoop is used for storing, managing, analyzing and processing big data.

In short, one can say that Apache Hadoop is flexible, affordable and scalable open source programming framework. STPL expertise makes use of Hadoop dynamic features and helps its clients to add substantially to the bottom line of their respective business.

STPL’s Apache Hadoop web developers take complex projects on Hadoop development as a challenge and perform process including Hadoop designing, building and testing to deliver solutions that are best-suited to our client’s business.

As certified Apache Hadoop professionals, we render unique insight and help with every facet of your Hadoop deployment, right from installation and configuration to optimization.