Hybrid APP Development

The availability of numerous mobile platforms, each with different SDKs, user interfaces and programming languages has given rise to the issue of fragmentation. Thus, enterprises think across multiple platforms and devices before opting for any mobile application development services. In today’s marketplace where the future is uncertain, hybrid mobile app proffers a middle ground to attain success for your mobile strategy.

Hybrid Mobile Apps Development

STPL develop hybrid mobile apps that facilitate better market penetration within shorter period of time. With the fully responsive hybrid apps, it is possible to switch from one platform to the other without changing the data to a completely new format.

The business outsourcing firm, STPL aimed at implementing cross-platform mobile apps development to achieve compatibility. Having understood the latest trends in mobile apps market over the past few years, STPL deliver hybrid apps that are compatible, increase productivity and brand value.

STPL Hybrid Mobile Apps Development Services
  • STPL hybrid apps make it easy to relocate the content across the web from a native device.
  • Adaptability, easy deployment and maintenance.
  • High level performance.
  • Compatible across multiple platforms.
  • Allocation allowed through both AppStore and the Google Play.
  • Large development team having technical proficiency including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and technologies like Sproutcore, Titanium and PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile and Sencha.
  • Software Solutions provider help utilize web technology and agile methodologies to empower businesses.
  • Developer of functional and productive apps that maximize the outcome.
  • Time-tested project management and competitive pricing.
  • Certified professionals who guarantee quality and satisfaction.