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Project Name: VEdA
Targeting the growing market of E-Learning client is to set up the portal to deliver education services to students.

This web based application is developed for creating a real-time teaching and learning experience for the students located anywhere in the world. Using this application, a teacher or a student can register themselves, and as per the scheduled selected by the student the online tutoring can start.

STPL's is part of a larger business group involved in the business of education ranging from school level to University level.

STPL software group has been best deposed to develop an application required to service the needs of education sector.

STPL will also has access to resources where the content development can also be taken care.

  • Good Customer Experience
  • Faster Quality Productivity
  • Global Information Access
  • Reduce Overheads
  • WCAG Complaint
Project Overview
component available to teacher as well as to the student to communicate. White board makes teaching and learning more lively and using the chat and voice communication teacher can monitor the student and student can query the teacher anytime during the session.

This application is having five major Modules:

1. Admin Module.

2. Teacher Module.

3. Student Module.

4. Guardian Module.

Admin Module: - This module is designed for administrator. Administrator is super user and monitors all the teachers and student register to this site. There are numbers of reports available; using which he/she takes care of all. Also one can have the option to alter the information regarding the teacher as well as student.

Teacher Module: - In this module of teacher will type the URL and register himself/herself, this is online process. During the registration process he/she fills information like qualification, experience, availability, and target subjects. Once session is schedule for him/her, then teacher can take classes based on the session time and date. This application provides flexibility to teacher to sitting anywhere in the world can register him/her and take the online classes.

Student Module: - This module provides option to student. For taking advantage of the applications first he/she has to register. During registration he has to fill personal accounts related information, selection of faculty to whom he/she wants to study, subject and class he/she has to fill. At the end of the registration payment process has to be done.

Guardian Module:- This application is used by the guardian of the student, account of guardian is created automatically, while student register himself, one mail goes to guardian email address with the account information and password.

The client had a unique approach for a real-time teaching and learning program for the student situated anywhere in the world. They wanted to setup a platform where the teacher can provide the lectures and assignments to the class and the student can submit their assignment and exercises back to the teacher for evaluation.

The implementation of the white board, chat and voice component was challenging and innovative. White board makes the teaching and learning concept lively. The chat and voice communication component also make the online interaction between teacher and the student. The database model was real challenging and extendable. The developers have integrated the various technologies for making the different component.

Since the application is based on the client-server architecture so the testing process requires the proper communication between the teacher and student Machine. The testing of white board, chat component and voice communication requires the proper gateway between student and teacher. The classes depend on the proper time scheduling, payment process and subject expertise of the teacher.

The testing process also involves with the administrative process which monitors the registration process of the student and teacher. These all processes are interlinked with each other.

Technology Used
  • Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1.4322, ASP.Net, C#, IIS.
  • XML, Ajax, DHTML, Flash, Web services, JavaScript.
  • My SQL (Version 5.0.0 alpha-NT), MYODBC-Standard-3.51.07 installation
  • Live Person, Video and voice Integration
  • Manual and Automated Testing (QTP and DevPartner), Database Testing
  • SnagIt 8

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