Offshore Software Outsourcing

Software and its related set of applications form the core of the functioning of a business. Along with people and processes, software has also become one of the key resources for the successful continuity of an enterprise. With rapid growth in technology in the recent years, time and space are longer a constraint. Therefore, an increasing number of organizations are seeking software solutions from offshore locations, in order to compensate for lack of competitive indigenous software.

In order to meet the software requirements of organizations located abroad, STPL has created a separate line of services for offshore software development and outsourcing.

Some of the key features of this package are –
  • Analyzing and understanding the environment in which the offshore business operates.
  • Developing tailored software (and related applications) to suit the client’s needs, and testing them concretely before outsourcing the same.
  • Constant upgrading and maintenance of software to meet evolving business requirements.