Software Testing

Software testing is an integral part of our software development package. We have incorporated the testing techniques into our services, so that the product we deliver to our clients is doubly tested and assured for quality.

Our software testing program has the following general phases –
  • Discussion with the clients – Before the actual testing process is undertaken, out team of developers and experts have a detailed discussion with each client, in order to let them know about the pros and cons of every option available to them. This goes a long way in helping our clients make an informed decision.
  • Comparison and review – Once the software as required by the client has been developed, STPL’s team tests the software solutions thus created, in order to verify whether the features and behavior of the product match the needs of the client business. Any discrepancies noted are reviewed and rectified.
  • Verification of software applicability – While the software developed may match the requirements in theory, we understand that practical applicability of the software needs to be tested and verified before ultimately delivering the product to the client. Therefore, our software testing program also incorporates a process for verifying the capacity of the software solution to tackle real problems that can crop up in the course of the business.